To whom it may concern:

Thank you for allowing your student to enroll in one of my business/technology/yearbook classes for the 2017/18 school year. It is my hope that we have an exciting year of learning and that your student comes away better prepared for life in the real world.

It is my goal, most importantly, to teach your student how to learn to learn. Many of the technologies that we use today will have changed by the time students leave college. The ability to learn new software, programming languages, or other technologies is the skill that will remain relevant throughout college and professional life. My job, I feel, is to guide students through explorative processes, gaining an understanding of the materials in class, but also gaining an understanding of how to solve problems, how to figure things out.

Through visits with colleges in the area, ranging from Moorpark, to CSUCI, to USC, as well as professional partnerships, I attempt to bring relevant learning opportunities that will prepare students for both university and the real world. We will be working on real world projects throughout the year involving teamwork problem solving, communication, and lots of technology.

I have an open policy to collaborate on success in my classes. I am happy to schedule a meeting in person, by phone, or by email. Please contact me by email should you ever have any questions or want to set up a conference. In addition, please go to the Parents section of my website for a brief video summary of my philosophies of learning and an overview of my classes. This can be found at

I strive to prepare your student for the real world.

Warmest regards,



Jeff Jackson

Written by jeffery.jackson