Have you ever Googled anything?  I’m worried about you if you haven’t.  In any case, seeing as how Google is taking over the world, our district has set up accounts for us.  Trust me, this is a good thing.  The more technology you are familiar with, the better you get at learning the tools of industry, etc.  In all of my classes, we will be utilizing/learning both the Microsoft and Google platforms for Online Office Tools, taking our abilities to collaborate and share to the next level.  LEVEL UP!

I’ve included two links, provided to us by our very own OUHSD Technology Lord, Jay Sorenson.  (Listen to that voice!  Silky smooth, butter, making me a better man.  Jay is OUHSD Technology, bleeding binary when cut, only that, much like Chuck Norris, he doesn’t bleed.)  More directions for signing into Google accounts are at the very bottom.

Video Tutorial (If you don’t like to read.  Let’s face it, if there are more than 140 characters, who does?)

Text Instructions(Kicking it Old School!)

We will be using Google Classroom in both of our Multimedia classes and G Suite in Microsoft Office (read that last part again).  Class codes for the classes:

Use the class code 59hx9n to join Multimedia Period 4.

Use the class code miilv8 to join Multimedia Period 5.

wbxuid3 for Yearbook.

Stay classy!






Freshman & New Students-
When a student who is new to the district signs in to a Windows PC (not a Chromebook or Mac), they will be prompted to enter a temporary password.  This can be found in Synergy by hovering over Reports and going to Student Passwords.  They will then be prompted to change their password to a new password.  The first time that they go to sign in to their new Google accounts they will use the new password that they just set up (not the temporary one from Synergy) to sign in to Google (the PC log in syncs with Google).  They will use their StudentID#@oxnardunion.org and the password they just set.  However, because this is their first time signing in to their Google accounts, Google will ask them to change their passwords too.  If they want them to be the same, they will have to go back in and change their passwords (Ctrl + Alt + Delete and Change Password).
All returning students
Any student that has signed in to a computer before will sign in using their same email/username and password that they used before (Unless their password has timed out and they’ll be forced to change their password).  The first time that they go to sign in to Google they will be prompted to change their passwords.  They will enter in their StudentID#@oxnardunion.org email and the password Oxnard309.  They will then be prompted to change their password (just like teachers were).

Written by jeffery.jackson