I hope that you all had a wonderful Labor Day weekend, enjoying the extra, hot, day off.  The beach was even hot this time.  Welcome back for, what seems like, our first week of full days.

Yearbook – Please fill out the following form.  We’ll also get signed up for a Google Classroom where we can easily share ideas, etc.  Next we’ll keep talking about themes, find out what makes a book tick, before we get into student led lessons on interviewing, photography, and online design.  Don’t forget those waffle makers!

Principles - We’ll finish up working with our binary message devices.  Next we’ll explore the internet simulator and attempt to send binary messages over a network.  Have Lesson 1 and 2 COMPLETE tonight!  Work on shared Lesson 3 Worksheet.  Please pay special attention to the vocabulary, as well as the concepts.

Multimedia – After looking at the definition of Graphic Design, we’ll complete Student Resource 2.1, Visual Communication Chart, by looking at photos posted around the room.  In groups of 3, we’ll analyze the imagery. Next we’ll discuss and complete SR 2.2, understanding the difference between a symbol, icon, and pictogram.

Office – We type!  Only 2 days until Photoshop FUN!

Written by jeffery.jackson