It’s Thursday.  Do you love the watermark on the featured image?

In Yearbook, we’ll continue to look at Online Design and play around with the software.  If you can’t get on or don’t have a spread, talk to an editor.  Help us come up with spread ideas for this year’s book.  Do you have sidebar ideas?  What do you want to cover?  I would also like us to brainstorm ideas for businesses in the community to approach for ads.

Principles – We’ve talked about prototyping, binary, number systems, and today we’ll continue talking about the binary number system and we’ll learn to count in binary.  Please make sure that you have completed up to Lesson 5, Binary numbers.  I’ll grade all of the lesson activities at the end of this chapter!

I hope that you completed your homework in Multimedia.  You should have read SR 2.3 and completed SR 2.4.  Today we’ll briefly discuss this, as well as the signs that you created yesterday.  Next, we’ll look at SR 2.5 and then jump into a review of the graphic design that we chose.

We’ll jump into makeup of our first FUN PHOTOSHOP FRIDAY.  Get ready for a break from Microsoft Office as we learn a little bit about selection tools in everyone’s favorite software.

Written by jeffery.jackson