It’s Tweetstorm Thursday.  I just made that up.  Today’s collegial classes will all be Tweet-worthy.  A challenge to me.

Yearbook – How are we with Online Design?  Can you place images, text, graphic elements?  How are we with sidebars?  Are we set to interview, take photos, politely interrupt a class?  How are we with carrying a theme throughout the book?

Principles – We’re going to play Battleship with 3 people, using the Internet Simulator.  I hope that your Protocol is on point!  Then, we’ll learn about Routers; they run the internet.

Multimedia – Image size, Canvas size, Resolution, every image has them, now we’ll learn how to view and adjust.  We’ll also complete another Crop utilizing these properties.  Next, we’ll cover Layers.

Office – Tell me what’s important about Office 365.  Then, you’ll present what’s important about Office 365.

Written by jeffery.jackson