Yearbook – Sidebar interviews this week.  First, we have to learn how to properly record.  Camera time!  Don’t leave out any details.  Make sure that you use a nice variety of backgrounds.  Same=boring!  It’s Homecoming week.  Don’t miss anything.

AP Principles –  More details to come, but we’ll go over AP site and test we just took, then finish up the unit by cruising through Chapter 2 and learning all about the Internet.  Routers, Packets, HTTP, and the world.

Multimedia - We’re going to finish up Lesson 4, covering layers and making selections in Photoshop, before we move onto an original Photoshop exercise.

Office – We’ll type, we’ll tackle Word, learning the basics of The Ribbon.  What do you want to know.  Check out Word .  Make sure that you sign up for an account.  Monday, we present our group lesson, then we get into WORD.

Written by jeffery.jackson