It’s week 5!  This week marks a 1/4 of the semester in the books!  Keep up the great work.

Yearbook – We’ll finish up our interviews.  DEADLINE FRIDAY!!!  All photos should be uploaded and all interviews should be typed up in the Google Classroom.  You should also be working on your spreads.  Get the photos. Get info for your pictures.  Start thinking of good captions, headlines, and an angle for your story.  Look at past yearbooks for ideas.

Principles – Finish up Unit 1 – The Internet – this week.  We’ll complete our Flash Talks and then have a little test.  We’ll finish up the week with a little research on the AP site.

Multimedia – Work on SR 5.  Finish up masking.  Isn’t non-destructive editing fun?  Work together, watch a video, create a new utopia.  That’s our week in a nutshell.

Office – Microsoft Word Lessons.  What are we going to learn?

Written by jeffery.jackson