Hi all,

I’m in jury duty.  You’re there.  I wish I were there  on the beach.

2nd period YEARBOOK – Please continue to work on your spreads.  Interview sidebars should be completed by today and ready to go.  We’ll talk about spreads on Thursday and everyone should have an idea, photos, a plan to take photos, and a solid plan for your spread.

3rd period AP PRINCIPLES – Complete Unit 3 Lesson 4.  Remember, you’re homework, creating the code to sort 8 cards from least to greatest is due on Thursday.  Use the “Human Machine Language Reference” from the previous unit in writing your code.

4th and 5th period MULTIMEDIA – please bring headphones tomorrow.  Look at Lesson 7 on the Google Classroom.  Students should, using Student Resource 7, complete 7.1 using the 2 Costa Rica ads and 7.2 using the presentation in 7.3.  You should also finish 7.4.  If you don’t finish in class, it is for homework.  Please do the additional typing in a different color to make it easy for me to give you a good grade.

6th period Microsoft Office – Students should, in 1 period, create a presentation on Camarillo in a presentation format other than PowerPoint.

Written by jeffery.jackson