Yearbook – Please finish your spreads.  These are due on Friday.  You have the day off on Friday and must get the spreads done.  Get a good STORY!

AP Principles – Complete Lesson 4 and make sure to create a fabulous personal favicon; the final project of the lesson.

Multimedia –     Complete Student Resource 10.4, 10.5, 10.6.  Homework – Complete Student Resource 9.3.                                                                        Review Graphic Design concepts for quiz on Friday.

Microsoft Office – Work, in your row, on creating a shared Google Slides presentation on the differences between Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel 365.  You should first collaborate on a Google Doc that outlines what each student is going to do in the presentation.  You have today to complete this, working together as a group, today, Wednesday.  (Each row, one side, is a group)

Written by jeffery.jackson