This summer, July 5-July 28, Camarillo High School will host a Beginning Coding Camp and a Careers in Computing Camp.  It’s FREE!

Click to sign up for the Coding Camp.

Click to sign up for the Careers in Computing Camp.

Coding Camp provides a fun, engaging learning environment where students are taught to use computational logic, creativity, and collaboration to build their own video games, apps, websites, or robots.

Careers in Computing allows you to come play and explore STEM concepts in coding, game design, robotics, and web design. With an emphasis on experiential creativity, friendship, and fun, this camp has it all.

These are perfect opportunities if you are interested in technology, want a career in computing, or want to be a part of Mr. Jackson’s new Software Development Pathway at Camarillo High School.

Did I mention the price.  It’s FREE!

You may also visit the Career Education Center for more information.

Written by jeffery.jackson