Day 4 – Friday, July 6

TGIF! Today, you’re going to develop an Algorithm.  What is an algorithm, you ask?  Google it.  Now.  Do it.  I’ll wait. Talk about it for a few minutes…. Now that you know what it is. Go to this course. Under Unit 1, Go to the Project – Password Generator Project.  Read about the Highlights on… Read more »


Day 3 – Thursday, July 5

I hope that you had a nice 4th of July! Today is a Khan Academy Day.  Please work on the JavaScript lessons on Khan Academy or continue with the HTML lessons if that works out better for you.  The JavaScript lesson is under Computer Programming and is titled “Intro to JS: Drawing and Animation”.


Day 2 – Tuesday, July 3

It’s Tuesday; Welcome Back! Today we’ll focus on Photoshop by completing two exercises.  You’ll then complete a Photoshop assignment of your own. First, complete the Photoshop Selection Project using the Shells file.  This video will help you to complete the project.  Watch the video, hit pause, do the work, repeat.  Complete this project and save… Read more »


Summer Coding Camp – Day 1 – Monday, July 2

Hello everyone!  Welcome to Coding Camp! I apologize, but I am out of town this week and Mr. Foster will be filling in for me.  (I don’t apologize for that, as Mr. Foster is GREAT!)  If for any reason you need me or have any questions, please email me and I’ll get right back to… Read more »

Humans allowed at OUHSD.

Wednesday – I’m At A District Training

Yearbook – Please finish your spreads.  These are due on Friday.  You have the day off on Friday and must get the spreads done.  Get a good STORY! AP Principles – Complete Lesson 4 and make sure to create a fabulous personal favicon; the final project of the lesson. Multimedia –     Complete Student Resource… Read more »

Do you like Layers in Photoshop?

Photoshop Fun – Layers – 10/19

Please use the following video as a tutorial to help you complete this exercise.  Use headphones or just watch.  Press Pause.  Press Play.  Rewind. Layers Tutorial CH.4 Layers  

jury duty

Wednesday – 10/4 – Jury Duty

Hi all, I’m in jury duty.  You’re there.  I wish I were there  on the beach. 2nd period YEARBOOK – Please continue to work on your spreads.  Interview sidebars should be completed by today and ready to go.  We’ll talk about spreads on Thursday and everyone should have an idea, photos, a plan to take… Read more »

Thank God It's Friday

TGIF – Friday September 29

Hello.  Sorry I couldn’t be there with you today.  Do the following and have a great weekend! Yearbook – Taylor should get a COW from Santana(C9) and take it back the last 5 minutes of class.  Please get all interview items in.  You can finish it today, no problem.  DEADLINE! Principles – Please watch You Should Learn… Read more »

It's Monday!

Monday – 9/25 – Week 5

It’s week 5!  This week marks a 1/4 of the semester in the books!  Keep up the great work. Yearbook – We’ll finish up our interviews.  DEADLINE FRIDAY!!!  All photos should be uploaded and all interviews should be typed up in the Google Classroom.  You should also be working on your spreads.  Get the photos…. Read more »


Week 4

Yearbook – Sidebar interviews this week.  First, we have to learn how to properly record.  Camera time!  Don’t leave out any details.  Make sure that you use a nice variety of backgrounds.  Same=boring!  It’s Homecoming week.  Don’t miss anything. AP Principles –  More details to come, but we’ll go over AP site and test we just… Read more »

  • th

    AP Comp Sci – Subset Assignment (It’s a Big One!)

    Please be sure to look over every element that will be on the AP test.  Your work should cover every element that is on the subset.  Take each number and complete notes on every topic.  These notes should be complete sentences that discuss the rules of the topics.  You need to write so that I… Read more »

  • Cascading Style Sheet

    CSS Help Videos

    Cascading Style Sheets can be difficult. The following help videos should point you in the right direction. Don’t forget to check out W3Schools. Basic CSS External Style Sheets and Classes  

  • HTML Tags

    HTML Help Videos

    HTML Help Videos. Please use the following help videos to brush up on your HTML and how to create a webpage. Create a Basic HTML Page Using Lists and Tables Links and Images 

  • computer-science1

    AP Computer Science Sign Up Form

    Please fill out the form in order to sign up for the AP Computer Science class.