Web Design


1. Read the text below.
2. Go through W3Schools tutorials and practice with styles.
3. Create a 3 page site using styles

CSS Tutorial - We'll use this for the bulk of our learning.
CSS Wiki - Class wiki with a lot of content and a discussion capability

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. Styles define how HTML elements are displayed. Much like it sounds, CSS gives style to web sites. With HTML tags, we are limited to what we can accomplish. Attributes lend their assistance (For example, <body bgcolor="red"> allows us to give an attribute, the background color, to a tag. Styles allow us to do this, but also take it a step further.

Styles work better with browsers for one. Have you ever looked at a site and it didn't work correctly in the browser? Perhaps boxes overlapped, or elements just seemed out of place, dropped to the bottom, while part of the page existed towards the top. This is because internet browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Firefox, to name a few, don't all interpret code in the same way. CSS attempts to bridge this gap and provide proper cross browser compatibility, as well as standards compliance and validation.

Styles also give us the ability to create a design or scheme, and easily recreate this style on multiple pages. No longer do we have to place attributes in multiple tags, then do this on multiple pages to create cohesive designs. External Style Sheets allow us to create styles in one spot and then have them apply to multiple pages. Using this tool, we are able to update one file with design changes, and then see everyone of our pages change.

CSS revolutionized web design. The professionals use it, and now, so do you.

I could put a lot of info here, but it's already put together for us. That's the beauty of technology; I can use lots of content from around the world. Read, practice, and learn.(Make sure you read the Introduction, Syntax, ID & Class, and How To pages.) Read the pages and use the "Try it yourself" links to practice all of the concepts you need to learn. This stuff is difficult, so practice is a must. Watch the videos below for extra instruction.